As an alternative to our full service weddings,  you can choose our a la carte service. In this option you can get just bouquets and other personal flowers, or Bouquets and ceremony flowers, without the full delivery options. This is perfect if you are eloping, or doing a simple wedding. This option is subject to availability in our schedule, but call 401.294.2868 or email us or fill out our Contact Form if you want to know if we can help! A la carte weddings are usually picked up at the farm.

In addition to this if you like, you can buy flowers in bulk and design all or some arrangements yourself. This is best if you are flexible about your vision and looking for a more casual feel. Bulk flowers are usually picked up at the farm or farmer's market -- delivery may be available on a case by case basis.

HOW buying bulk flowers WORKS

Do it yourself or "DIY" flowers come in 2-gallon buckets (included) and have gorgeous focal flowers and plenty of textural accents, herbs, and greenery to help you create a balanced arrangement.  The DIY buckets are put together by our design staff based on field availability, and general beauty of all things together.   

We don't make bridal appointments for the buckets, or we'd have to charge a lot more. There is no way to promise what's in the buckets, or we'd have to charge more. Colors that you prefer are an option, or you can just pick "the best of the week". If you would like to know what flowers you are going to have, buy flowers by the bunch from us at the Wednesday afternoon market. The flowers are fresh and will still be fine on Saturday in almost every case, and the RHF person working at market will be able to advise you if you say you want them for Saturday.

NOTE: DIY flowers are available June 5 – October 5 only. Before or after that you'll need to buy by the bunch. Exact dates are somewhat dependent on actual conditions such as frost.

Our general Availability by month can be found here.


If you are open to whatever colors/flowers are in season that week, the price is $100.00/bucket plus tax. 

If you want us to provide certain specific colors for your wedding (e.g. “blues and white” or “no pink”) then the price is $130.00/bucket plus tax.

Each bucket should do the equivalent of 7-10 mason jar arrangements. Let us know if you need taller flowers, as the buckets are geared toward centerpieces and other lower bouquets. That will be an additional fee on a case by case pricing. We can also do "greenery only' buckets.

Ready to order? Please let us know what you'd like via the form just below. 

We do not provide design guidance for DIY purchases, nor can we make an appointment at the farm except to pick up the flowers.  However, you are welcome to visit at market as that is the best way to see all our flowers at once.

To find out about our a la carte partial design service or full service please arrange for a meeting via our Contact Form.

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For Saturday & Sunday weddings, we offer Thursday pick up at the farm, although for Sunday, you can pick up at Market Saturday AM. For Friday, Wednesday market is your best option.
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