Newport - Aquidneck Grower's Market

Wednesday's May 17th - October 25th 2016  2-6 PM

Saunderstown - Coastal Grower's Market at Casey's Farm

Saturday's May 13th - October 28th 2016  8:30-12:30 PM

Providence - Hope Street Farmer's Market

Saturday's May 6st - October 28th 2016 9-1 PM

Or just call us and order! 401.268.7070

How does a “Flower Share” CSA work?

This is for our flower devotees! Our Flower Shares are mainly available through our farmers’ market locations.  You buy a share in winter and receive credit for the farmers market purchases of your choice in the growing season. This allows us to have the capital to make improvements to the farm in the off-season when we have the spare time to do the work. You get back your investment in flowers, with a 10% dividend, to use as you see fit.  You will also receive a Flower Share Card so that you can choose your flowers each week without needing to bring money along!

When does it start?

Flowers are available any time from June 1st - October 31st

What Size Shares do you have?

Two Size Shares Available: 

$200 + ($20 additional credit) = $220 total credit

$360 + ($25 additional credit) = $385 total credit

Sign up available starting Now. 

We have the Regular Size Share and the Large Size Share up in our shop. Thank you! Want to send a share as a present and it's not in the shop, or would you prefer to mail in a check? Yes! Call 401.294.2868 or email us today!