The team at Robin hollow farm


Mike and Polly Hutchison

Mike and Polly Hutchison are the brains behind the blooms.

Polly’s love affair with flowers began with the amazing English Cottage-style gardens designed by her mother in Newport, RI. Fruit trees and berries mingled with rare garden roses and herbs abounded in that garden, and the botanical diversity informs her style today. 

Her husband Mike shares the passion for horticulture and together they run Robin Hollow Farm, with Mike now largely in charge of production and logistics while Polly runs the design side; she finds the essence of each client’s story and makes the flowers express that vision.  


Lynn Guthrie

Lynn is a talented designer and our Studio Manager. She’s worked on weddings across the country, including Hawaii, and brings laughter and fun to any situation. She’s a lover of all things active - sports, games being on the water. She’s most often found make pretty things or working out the logistics for weddings and events. She’s also the mother of two busy young folks!


Sue Pullyblank

Sue is the glue that keeps the farm office rolling as our Office Manager, when she’s not coaching lacrosse or helping folks achieve their fitness goals! You’ll find her on the other end of the phone here, although she’s a deft hand in the studio from time to time. Sue’s a mom to two active young people as well.


Krystal Kraczkowski

Krystal is our chief plant whisperer — seeding in the greenhouse, running all the harvest crews and keeping a keen eye on plant health and happiness. Not only is she Harvest Manager, most of you know her as a steady presence at our Hope Street Farmers’ Market from May through October.


andrea wyman

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