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Dwarf Jade

Dwarf jade is a low-maintenance succulent that stores water in its trunk and leaves so it can survive without regular watering, making it an ideal houseplant if you're less than fastidious about plant care. Occasional watering and a light monthly feeding from spring through fall are all that's needed to maintain magnificent plants. Dwarf jade positively thrives when moved outdoors to a spot with bright indirect light for the summer months. About the only genuine threat to these plants is frost and overwatering.

Dwarf jade requires at least five to six hours of bright indirect light each day and can tolerate partial shade, but take pains to keep it out of direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves. Ideally, an indoor houseplant should live in a south, east, or west-facing window that has a shade you can draw to block direct sunlight. As the plant grows toward the sunlight, rotating the pot will ensure that it grows evenly in all directions.