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Our team

Mike and Polly Hutchison are the brains behind the blooms. Home has been a farm for Mike and Polly since realizing after college that the world of growing and creating beautiful plants, flowers, and food is the most satisfying way of making a life.

Polly Hutchison

President & Owner

Polly’s love affair with flowers began with the amazing English Cottage-style gardens designed by her mother in Newport, RI. Fruit trees and berries mingled with rare garden roses and herbs, and the botanical diversity informs her design style today. She finds the essence of each client’s story and makes our flowers express that vision. 

Mike Hutchison

Farm Operations & Owner

Mike shares the passion for horticulture. While he leads our talented crew in the flower and greenhouse production, he loves to install a wedding on the weekend.  Logistics are his favorite part of the operation. Potted plants are also his thing and he has lots to share!

Lynn Guthrie

Studio Manager & Lead Designer

Lynn is a talented designer and our Studio Manager. She’s worked on weddings across the country, including Hawaii, and brings laughter and fun to any situation. She’s a lover of all things active - sports, games being on the water. She’s most often found making pretty things or working out the logistics for weddings and events. She’s also the mother of two busy young people.

Susannah Blair

Sales & Events Coordinator

Susannah is our Sales Coordinator and goddess of customer service. She joined the team after spending a half dozen years as a private school administrator and harbors a deep passion for sales, marketing, and multi-tasking. Away from the farm her time is spent juggling the lives of her two teenage daughters, reading a good book, and walking her dog.

Andrea Wyman

Senior Designer & Media Coordinator

Andrea is the essence of the word passion — she brings that focus to everything she does, from growing amazing flowers to organizing our social media, and is moving into the design studio as well. Her smile lights up the room, and never more than when she’s talking about her family.

Tayla James

Harvest & Greenhouse Manager

As the Harvest & Greenhouse Manager, Tayla strives for both efficiency and quality in everything she does. She loves getting her hands in the dirt but can also arrange beautiful bouquets and is an amazing calligrapher. No lunch is complete without a trip to see her puppies, she has two.

Jenna Lavallee

Field Manager

As Field Manager, Jenna cares about engaging and empowering our farm hands, and works with them to organize and maintain our crop. Jenna has an educational background in sociology, which drives her passion for local, sustainable floriculture. She is also a trained painter and uses our flowers as her subject matter. For Jenna, no lunch is complete without fruit!

JJ Graff

Market Manager

JJ is our Market Coordinator. They have a background in the retail floral industry and are pursuing a degree in environmental and restoration science. They are a passionate land steward and walking encyclopedia of knowledge for all things plant related. For JJ, no lunch is complete without Jello.