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Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake plant (Goeppertia insignis) is a tropical evergreen perennial native to Brazil, commonly grown as an indoor houseplant. It produces an impressive display of distinctive foliage with a wavy pattern along the edges and variegated with shades of greens. Even the undersides of the foliage are eye-catching with their beautiful purplish-red tones.


  Plants typically grow to about 20 inches tall when grown as houseplants. The prefer heat, humidity and filtered (indirect) bright light to thrive.

  Over the summer, when your rattlesnake plant experiences the most growth, it needs to be watered frequently to keep the soil or potting mix moist. During the winter season, allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again.

Frequent small waterings are required rather than deep irrigation. Water the plant until it just starts to trickle out of drainage holes (do not water so much that it is streaming out of the bottom). Do not let the plant sit in the excess water. Pour the excess water out and do not pour it back into the plant.