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Fiddle Leaf Fig Guide

The ever intimidating Fiddle Leaf Fig. You brought it home from the plant shop lush and glowing. If the goal is to keep it that way, or restore it to it’s former glory, this is the guide for you.

It’s totally understandable if you feel like you’ve failed when your beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig starts teetering on the edge of death. (I promise we’ve all been there!)

And OMG it’s even more panic inducing when you have no idea why!

What you need is real info to bring your Fiddle Leaf Fig back to its best life...without spending hours researching half truths on Pinterest. 

Introducing the official Happy Happy Houseplant Fiddle Leaf Fig Guide!

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Guide is over 135 beautiful, confidence-boosting pages that will arm you with every bit of information you need to save your struggling plant!!

You’ll find full-color images and step-by-steps tutorials to give you the confidence you need to care for the elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig.

I deep dive into all the basics of Fiddle Leaf Fig care, including...

  • how to water 
  • the best lighting 
  • fertilizing 
  • propagating 
  • repotting 
  • cleaning 
  • troubleshooting Happy Happy Houseplant community questions

If you want to help your plant put out new leaves, need a boost of confidence that you TOTALLY can handle a Fiddle Leaf Fig (pinky promise you can!) or just want with all of your might not to kill your beloved plant, then this is the guide for you!

136 pages
6 X 9 Inches
Language : English