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Raindrop Peperomia

The raindrop peperomia is an easy-to-care for, fairly compact indoor plant with succulent, heart-shaped foliage. Scientifically, it’s known as the peperomia polybotrya. Within botanical gardens, raindrop peperomia doesn’t grow any bigger than one foot, which makes it quite an ideal house plant.

This lovely plant truly shines when you grow it indoors, offering it a sufficient amount of “guarded” light and water. With the beautiful foliage and the ability to tolerate a wide array of climates and seasons, it’s a pretty easy-to-maintain plant. 


  Happiest with bright, indirect light facing East and West while using care to not allow the leaves to burn.

   Let the soil dry between waterings. Water until water runs out the bottom of the pot, taking care to dump excess to avoid standing water.