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Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life

A hip, modern, and irreverent introduction to medicinal herbs, this field guide to feeling good will tell you everything you need to know to incorporate more than twenty of the world's most healing plants into your life.
This book is an invitation to the plant party just outside your door. It's about making friends with these amazing plants through herbalism: not only the world's oldest, but also the most widely practiced system of healing. It answers questions you may have had forever, but were too embarrassed to ask, like: What is herbalism? Where is it practiced? What can I put in my mouth and where do I find it? Can I still go to my doctor? Got you.
     With twenty plant profiles highlighting healing herbs from catnip and plantains to nettles and rosemary, you'll have the information you need to assemble your herbal arsenal to combat any ailment or anxiety attack--including how to make lube tea for sexual health or a smoking herbal blend to quiet a busy mind. This book will not only teach you how to make your own salves, tinctures, syrups, and herbal infusions (like peppermint leaf + lemon balm + lemon verbena + maybe some green tea if you're feeling wild), it will show you where to find, cultivate, and harvest those very ingredients.
     You don't even have to ingest a plant in order to reap its benefits. Cozy up to the base of an oak tree, kneel in a field of yarrow (check for ticks if you're on the northeast), sit cross-legged in the red clover, or look closer at that plant growing in a sidewalk crack if you're an urban hipster. This sexy book will give you a new appreciation for all plants and provide the knowledge, tools, and resources you need harness the healing power of herbalism.
208 Pages